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2024 Supply Donors

We'd like to thank some of our supporters who provided items for daily use at Little Mary's as a show of support since there wasn't a silent auction for their donations this year.


BtoB Link is a comprehensive platform connecting businesses with other B2B enterprises to collaborate and facilitate partnerships. Through its B2B business directory and informative blog, the site offers insights into B2B operations, empowering companies to make informed decisions in their business dealings.

Business Anniversaries is a website dedicated to celebrating the milestone anniversaries of businesses and organizations. It offers a comprehensive business anniversaries directory along with creative ideas for commemorating significant milestones like 10, 25, and 50-year anniversaries. provides unified commerce and logistics solutions that enable B2C and B2B companies to sell and fulfill orders wherever their customers are. Specializing in omnichannel fulfillment, offers robust 3PL services for retail, wholesale, and ecommerce. Their advanced warehouse automation processes streamline fulfillment and shipping, and empower brands to scale efficiently. is a comprehensive, free resource for dog agility enthusiasts. The site offers information about agility trial locations, allowing users to access specifics on crating, floor type, parking, and more. Users can share their own hotel experiences through "paw" ratings or find sites with RV parking. The blog offers even more information about local dog-friendly hikes, restauarants, and more.

Dynamic Conveyor specializes in creating customized, reconfigurable conveyor solutions. Their products are tailored to the unique needs of each customer across a variety of industries including food grade conveyors, manufacturing, agriculture, electronics, and packaging. With over 30 years of experience, they focus on providing energy-efficient, low-maintenance conveyors and exceptional customer service, with an emphasis on collaboration, quality, and innovation.

E&M Design Solutions offers a variety of services related to OSHA and IATF safety compliance, engineering project management, and business devleopment. Through consulting, outsourcing team members, construction and engineering project management, or training courses, they help businesses improve employee skills, conform to the latest regulations and certifications, and provide expertise and people where businesses need them.

InnerSpace specializes in healthcare storage solutions for all areas and departments of a healthcare facility. Preconfigured mobile hospital carts, cabinets, open storage, and accessories ensure immediate access to supplies. Higher tech products include endoscopy systems that store, dry, transport, and reprocess endoscopes, and embedded locking and supply inventory technologies that improve efficiency and security.

MATECO Drilling provides geotechnical and environmental drilling services across the United States, focusing on safety, operational standards, and customer satisfaction. They utilize advanced drilling technologies, including rotary sonic drills and ground-penetrating radar, to deliver reliable solutions for soil sampling, well installation, and subsurface testing.

MTC Materials Testing Consultants provide comprehensive engineering and testing services. They specialize in geotechnical engineering, construction materials engineering and testing (CMET), environmental services, and materials testing laboratory services. With over five decades of experience, they offer innovative and cost-effective solutions, ensuring quality and reliability for projects across the Great Lakes region.

In addition to well-known transportation and truck rentals, Ryder offers customized third party logistics solutions to businesses across North America. They utilize advanced technology and expert teams to optimize efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability from port to door. From wholesale, retail, and e-commerce order fulfillment to custom logistics strategies, fleet management or brokerage services, Ryder provides comprehensive support for the product fulfillment needs of businesses.

Simply Counted Business Services Inc. in Holland, MI provides comprehensive accounting and business services tailored to small and medium-sized businesses both in Michigan and throughout the United States. Beyond traditional accounting, its team offers expertise in HR consulting, CFO roles, income tax preparation, and more. The team offers cost-effective solutions with high-quality standards that support financial and operational needs.

The Job Blog is a premier resource for HR professionals and job seekers. The site offers trustworthyinformation and current insights into recruiting, work life, and careers. From interview strategies to employee benefits, twice weekly blog posts deliver valuable information that enhance understanding and decision-making in the employment world.

Top Of The List is a digital marketing and SEO agency that specializes in strategies that enhance online visibility and drive customer engagement. From SEO and PPC campaigns to local search optimization and social media advertising, they offer customized plans designed to maximize ROI and meet diverse business goals. is a directory of U.S. businesses dedicated to showcasing companies formed in the United States. Its main purpose is to promote local commerce and support the US economy. Business and consumers alike can find American businesses from which to purchase products or services to consider alternatives to big box stores.

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