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What some of our guests have said about their time at Little Mary's.

Dan, Valerie & Girls

"All of you are so wonderful!!!!!! Now where do I begin to say thank you? You all have made this trip and vacation a wonderful, wonderful time. I can't tell you all the compassion and caring attitudes and people we have been able to meet. Little Mary's is a GREAT place. Keep up the great work. We thank you so much!!!"

The Dyja Family

"To all those special people at Little Mary's. We are in such "awe" of your love and kindness. Please know that you will always be in our thoughts and prayers. This was a much needed and very enjoyable vacation. We appreciate all you did for us and for others in our situation. May God bless you always, Thankfully."

Brenda Durbin & Family

"Thanks for the fishing, and for the great food at the barbeque. We really needed this! The rest has helped all of us. Thanks so much."


"Dear Board of Little Mary's Hospitality House, Thank you for the wonderful accommodations we enjoyed in Wellston this summer. It was a special blessing to be there and meet all the board members at the picnic. Our family was touched by the boards 'servant hearts.' Truly we have an awesome God! May he continue to bless and use you as you continue to minister in His name to those who are walking a painful path. How good it is to hear from others 'who have been there."


"Thanks for your special hospitality. Being a guest at Little Mary's was a real pleasure."

The Wilson Family

"Dear Little Mary's, Thank you so much for letting us come to Little Mary's. This was the most relaxing vacation we have ever had. Northern Michigan is beautiful and we would like to visit again. With grateful thanks and appreciation."


"Thank you for the best memories ever created by a family."


"To Little Mary's Staff and Board The days spent with our daughters at Little Mary's several years ago are golden memories sweet memories with tears. I'm glad to know your project lives on."

P. P.

"It's been 3 years since we've been at Little Mary's and it still seems like just yesterday. I've looked back on our vacation and something there gave me a certain strength. Thank you."


A wonderful place to renew your love,
So your family you can embrace
All you need for this "Piece of Heaven",
God will provide at "Little Mary's Place."


"Thank you for letting me come to stay at Little Mary's. I had a very good time. I like your piano and organ. I like the skiing game on the Play Station. I wished I was tall enough to play pool, it looked like fun. I liked watching my mom play it. I really like the fire station you have across the street. I want to come back again, maybe next summer."


"Thank you for giving so many families the joys of being together."

Laurie & Family

"Thank you for allowing our family to stay at Little Mary's. Everyone agreed that they had enjoyed their stay. It was great to be able to be in a place that all kids could benefit from. It was nice to be able to let them go off to play without worrying about their safety. Andy's wheelchair quit on Saturday. I guess I should ask God for the chair to work till the new parts come in."

SMI Classroom

Loving arms and a warm embrace is what you'll find at Little Mary's place.

Things to do and lots of fun. To tie us together and make us one.

Located in a quiet little town, everyone's welcome from all around

Make yourself at home and rest, a caring family will do their best

Reaching out to those in need, you can make a difference by following their lead.

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