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Spring Newsletter 2024

Over four decades ago Mary Catherine Fischer was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. Before she died, a family vacation was taken. Special memories were created and have always had a lasting effect on the family. Because of this memorable vacation, Little Mary’s Hospitality House was established. (CHECK OUT OUR NEW WEBSITE)

Have you ever had a memorable vacation? The families we welcome to this unique facility for their expense-free getaway experience and unforgettable memories. Located on Crystal Lake, summertime offers swimming, fishing, boating, and a multitude of other fair-weather activities. The brilliance of Autumn heralds the peak of steelhead and salmon fishing. Because we are located in the heart of the Manistee National Forest, the guests are all guaranteed a beautiful, peaceful, and tranquil vacation.  Little Mary’s families often share their personal heartbreaking stories with each other. There is a comradery that happens between guests. Whether it be a terminal child, a family in bereavement, or a child in remission, they all agree it’s not the quantity of life, it’s the quality of life. Reservations have been made by families already. We’re anticipating a busy season.

We are very excited to announce a house manager for the summer. Casey Whitiker, a pastoral student from Pensacola, Florida will be joining our team. He will be working with Rick Konwinski, our maintenance manager. Erica Konwinski will continue as the house cleaning supervisor. We also welcome Kelli Fischer to the board as a trustee.

We regret that we will not be celebrating our annual fundraiser this year.  We will still have the raffle through the mail.

PRIZES:  1st.-$1000  2nd-$500  3rd-$400  4th-$300  5th-$200 6th-$100

We will be drawing the winners at Little Mary’s on Saturday, July 27 at 7:00 PM. The winners will be listed in the newsletter.


                       In memory of, In honor of birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc.,

Beneficiary in your will, or insurance policy.


Bronze Sponsor        $250

Silver Sponsor           $500

Gold Sponsor            $1,000

Platinum Sponsor      $5,000

Heritage Sponsor      $10,000

Sponsors will be recognized on a continued basis in each of Little Mary’s newsletters and on our website. 

All contributions are tax-deductible.  Every gift is acknowledged. Every gift is appreciated.

We hope that you will continue to partner with us through prayer and financial donations.


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