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2021 Annual Newsletter

Construction Is Underway

Our annual Fall Newsletter is coming out a bit early this year to inform all of you about the urgent need Little Mary’s is currently experiencing. A need so great that we cannot continue to operate due to very serious and urgent repairs needed to our apartment building structure and recreational center.

As you are aware, the property in which Little Mary’s Hospitality House is operating in is over 100 years old and considered an historical structure. During the 40 years that Little Mary’s has been in operation, many repairs have been made throughout the years to keep it in sufficient conditions to be able to allow families the ability to spend time away with their families and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. However, over the years, the structures have withstood the test of time and we have experienced extensive water damage both inside and outside of the buildings. Currently, the repairs are inevitable and unavoidable.

After receiving several quotes for the repairs, we have hired a contractor. The structural concerns had to be addressed immediately, therefore, the repairs were started on July 6 by Shawn Dagon, Roofing and Siding Company, LLC.

Some of the repairs include new steel roofs, gutters, basement walls and foundation, new doors, support beams, and attic repairs, just to name a few.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we have been unable to coordinate fundraisers for the last two years. As we cannot afford to deplete our existing operating funds to pay for these repairs, we are praying for God to intervene and provide funding for these repairs through donations.

The total cost of the building restoration is approximately $84,500. To date we have received three anonymous donations totaling $37,000, $7,500 from our contractor, Shawn Dagon, and $7,000 from the Women Who Care from Manistee County. After these generous donations, our remaining total cost is $33,000.

We would like to thank you for your continued prayers and financial support. Blessings are abundant because God continues to provide and teach us to trust Him.

Praise Corner

We were able to host 2 families at the start of the summer prior to construction. It is always a blessing to watch families enjoy their time together.

Thank You To Our Helpers

Baker College provided us with over a dozen volunteers to clean up the grounds this Spring.

Ken Sheckell and Dawn Tschannen consistently offer a helping hand assisting with grounds maintenance, painting, and handyman skills. We are so thankful for their continuous help.

Volunteers are always welcome and Little Mary’s is so grateful for all the assistance.

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